I haven’t read anything. Here are some things I’ve sewed.

Clockwise from top left:

  • Does your baby have an enormous noggin? If you have an old piece of an IKEA curtain and some velcro, you can create HatStrapExtender ™, a little strip of fabric with velcro on each side so that hats will actually stay put on his huge melon. PATENT PENDING.
  • Sleep sack. The arm parts of the starfish are organic cotton since he’s always gnawing on those, but I didn’t have enough of the fabric left to make the whole thing out of it. These sleep sacks are not affiliated with the Zippadee Zip (actual TM), and in no sense did I order one of those online, realize it would be the easiest thing in the world to sew, and then rip off their design. NOPE.
  • A little laundry bag for things that need to be pre-treated with stain remover before going in the laundry. Because items that are badly stained with baby fluids need to be stored in an adorable bag or else WHAT’S THE POINT? (the star fabric matches his curtains)
  • A stroller blanket with Boston Terriers on it. The carabeners allow it to snap into the buckles on either side of his stroller so it doesn’t fall on the ground. And then I sewed a little storage pouch for it (also from an IKEA curtain!), and *that* has Boston Terriers on it, because I can’t resist a good applique.
    • James: “Now can you make a pouch for the pouch?”
      Jocelyn: “I just like making pouches for things! Leave me alone!”
      You’d think after fifteen years of me making pouches for *his* items on request, he would be more appreciative, but he isn’t.

Coming in 2020: my Etsy store, where I try to sell products like these, charging a small amount for them so I am essentially paying myself minimum wage while also turning something I love to do into drudgery so it’s not fun anymore. I’m still working on the name. It will be twee as hell.


One thought on “I haven’t read anything. Here are some things I’ve sewed.

  1. Nice work! I’m envious of your DIY. You know Baby Paper? Or anything that has that crinkle paper in it that babies just love? I dusted off my sewing machine to sew two pieces of flannel together with some cellophane in the middle. My baby didn’t care that the lines weren’t totally straight. Crinkle, crinkle.


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